Abortion - Arnica,Sabina,Secale,Pulsatilla,China Rhus tox 
Bronchitis - Aconite, Bryonia, Belladona, Spongia, Ars alb, Pulsatilla. 
Catarrh or Common cold:- 
Fever, restlessness, Short hurried breathing, Violent thirst  Aconite200
Mouth dry, putrid smell from mouth, Thin watery discharge from nostrils  Nux vomica200
Sudden exposure to wet, dull, drowsy, tongue coated thick sticky phlegm Dulcamara30
Short dry cough, Mucus in nose, obstructed respiration frequent sneezing & restlessness Rhus tox200
Acrid corrosive discharge from nostrils,dry cough sneezing with watery discharge from nose Ars alb200
Difficult breathing,dry spasmodic cough swelling of nose with profuse coryza Bryonia200
Swelling of nose, profuse corryza with much sneezing Merc sol
Cough is loose, discharge of greenish foetid matter from nose  Pulsatilla200
Colic or Gripes :-
Due to bad quality of food, Drinking cold water when heated Ars alb+Aconite
Due to constipation Animal walks slowly  falls down, bloat Nux vomica200
When faeces are hard dry black coloured, Animal lies quitely  Opium200
Restless, animal Frequently lying down and getting up, ears cold Chamomilla200
Due to green food, Flatulent distention of abdomen  Colchicum200
Due to retention of urine, Urine passes in drops with straining Cantharis200
Cough - Dulcamara, Nux vomica, Squilla, Amm mur, Drosera, Pulsatilla.
Difficult Parturation - Arnica+Caulophylum
Fatigue after exercise Arnica200
With loss of appetite  Nux vomica200
Bloody urine passes after severe exercise Cannabis200
Fistula,Or Sinus :-
Fistula of salivary gland       Pulsatilla200
Founder -  Aconite, Bryonia,Veratum alb, Rhus tox
Bluish or Brownish excrescences which bleed easily with discharge of foetid ichor Thuja 200
Watery swellings or dark looking ulcers with foetid discharge Secale cor200
Numerous small ulcers discharge thick matter bleed easily   Merc vivus200
Glanders - Ars alb, Merc sol, Sulphur