Mode of Administration :- 20 ml of medicine mixed with 8 liters of water for 100 birds. This medicated water is shaked well & should be put in the water containers accordingly.

Avian Tuberculosis
Cause:- Mycobacterium Tuberculosis avium 
Species affected:- Domestic fowl 

Muscles of breast reduced in size exposing sternum Tuberculinum 1M
Lameness & Swelling of joints  Kali phos, Rhus tox 
Comb & wattles appeared pale in colour  Alfa alfa, China

Avian encephalomyelitis(A.E)
Syn:- Epidemic tremor
Cause:-Picrona virus gp.
Species affected:- Chicks, Pheasants

Chicks crown in their hounches Ars alb, Rhus tox
Move in spasmodic manner if forced to move Kali mur+Kali phos, Rhus tox,
Chicks falls on their side paralysed, Zinc.met, Ferum phos, 
Epidemic tremor trembling of head & neck Aconite, Echinacea

Syn:- Fungal Pneumonia, Pulmonary mycosis
Cause:- Fungus Aspergillus Fumigatus
Species:- Domestic fowl, Younger birds

Loss of appetite, Increased thirst, gasping & fast breathing Aconite, Arsalb,Bryonia, Antim tart
Eye infection Arg nit, Euphrasia

Black Head
Syn:- Enterohepatitis, Histomoniasis
Cause:- Protozoan Histomonas meleagridis
Species affected:- turkeys, chicks

Listlessness, weakness, Ruffled feathers, Chelidonium, China sulf
Sulphur coloured Diarrhoea, Nat mure, Sulphur
Black colouration of head parts Psorinum, Lachesis

Chronic respiratory Disease (C.R.D)
Syn:- Air Sac Disease, Mycoplasma Gallisepticum infection
Species affected:- More in Broiler Less in Layers,
Sneezing, Coughing  Antim trat, Belladona, Ars alb
Water from eyes Euphrasia, Arg nrt.
Water from Nose Allium cepa,  Ars alb
white Diarrhoea  Calc carb

Combination of Thuja200+Nat sulf200+Carboveg200+Bryonia200, 5ml each in 8 liter of water for 100 birds for 3 days.

Cause:- Coccidia
Caecal Coccidiosis
Cause:- E.tennela
Birds listless ,Bloody droppings Merc cor, Ipecac 
Pale comb & lack of Appetite Chellidonium, Nux vomica
Head remady Merc sol

(Small Intestinal Coccidiosis)
Cause:- E.Brunetti, E.maxima, E.necatrix
Birds emaciated, diarroea Aconite,Merc,Podo, Ipecac

Combination of Merc cor30+Nux Vom30+Sulphur30, 5ml each in 8 liters of water for 100 birds for 3 days.