Q. Why should I choose holistic veterinary medicine for my animal instead of / or in addition to traditional veterinary medicine?

Traditional Medicine departmentalizes the patient into a whole of parts: a physical set of organs, muscles, joints, and tissue systems and treats each isolated part accordingly.
Traditional Medicine looks at symptoms exhibited by the patient, assigns a name of a disease or syndrome to them and treats the patient with surgery, drugs, chemicals or radiation. Traditional Medicine views the patient as it's physical- self alone.

Holistic Medicine treats each part of the patient as a "whole" (hence "wholistic" or "holistic" medicine), not only in the physical sense but as each part of the body being interrelated to each other, energetically. 3000 years of oriental medicine has proven there is a Life Force energy (Chi) that flows like the arborization of a tree throughout the entire body, touching every cell of every organ of every system in the body. It is only now, in this age of advanced technological devices that we can photograph and electronically measure this energy.

This interdependency of all to all is like a spider web; pluck the strand of the outermost part of the web and the vibration is sent over every strand of the entire web until it reaches the heart or center. Health is maintained by a balance of two opposing energy flows, Yin and Yang, which make up this Life Force. Each cell of each organ of each system has both Yin and Yang energy flows. Any imbalance, either deficiency or excess of these energies produce aberrations that filter down into the physical body and produce what we see as "symptoms". Any "cure" in the patient as seen by the doctor as a relief of these symptoms, MUST occur in the balancing of this excess or deficiency of these two opposing energy flows.

Cure CANNOT be achieved in the physical body alone. Cure cannot be achieved by focusing on symptoms but on CAUSE, the true nature of symptoms exhibited. It is as if there is a dirty spot on a lens of a slide projector that is projecting an image on a screen. The traditional doctor works away on scrubbing the spot off the screen, while the holistic doctor cleans the lens, the cause of the spot on the screen.

Traditional therapies of chemicals, surgery and radiation by their very nature are toxic, focal- acting agents. Many times this produces a destructive affect in the body. Drugs, surgery and radiation are traumatic and foreign to the body. Holistic medicine chooses natural therapies of proper nutrition, homeopathy, Bach Flowers, herbs, acupuncture, massage, crystals, color, chiropractic and electromagnetic field therapies that are all natural elements of this earth, and methods familiar to the metabolism and physiology of the patient. They are energy fields that impact the Life Force in a beneficial, nontoxic manner. Holistic medicine benefits Body, Mind (Emotional) and Spirit and recognizes these are also interdependent in maintaining health. Traditional medicine mainly concentrates on the body.

Q. Should one ever consider traditional methods of medicine?

A. Of course, but only in specific areas. When one is anemic, one has to have a blood transfusion to support the body until it is capable of rallying on its own. In cases of traumatic emergencies, broken bones have to be pinned, drugs like steroids have to be used to prevent brain edema, oxygen and I.V. supportive solutions and medications are necessary to sustain life. In rapidly ensuing bacterial/viral epidemics sometimes the patient is so weak, drugs, antibiotics and steroids have to be given to buy time for the patient to survive; although in my own practice I prefer to use homeopathic remedies (nosodes) made from the specific bacteria and virus infecting the patient. It is safer, the energetic patterns of infecting agents are identical to the treatment and results are better.

Viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells are all parasites. They only invade a patient whose Life force is weak. I work on getting the Life Force strong enough to ward off all parasites. It is in the arena of chronic degenerative diseases and Cancer, which are a reflection generally, of an already toxic, imbalanced Chi, and overwhelmed Body, Mind and Spirit .

Q. Can holistic therapies help any specie of animal?

A. Yes of course. All animals, birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians-all living creatures have a Life Force, even plants. They all respond to energy medicine. Colors, music, (Mozart especially), homeopathy, the healing energy of quartz crystals, and acupuncture. Yes, plants have acupuncture meridians too!

Why Use Homoeopathy :--

The following points shows the peculiarities of homoeopathy that make it a very sensible choice of treatment in animals:
1. No side effects.
2. No suppression of symptoms for later, more vicious reappearance.
3. No dependence on diagnosis but only a dependence on symptom observation.
4. No need for laboratory trials in animals for the proving of medicines.
5. Allowance for and Dependance on a patient's individuality.
6. Whole patient treatment. 
7. Homoeopathy appears to work with the body's own disease-combating mechanisms to effect a cure and this constitutes a most natural, humane and effective method of cure.
8. No environmental pollution.

Potencies – and how that works

         ‘X’Potency = substance is diluted at a 1/10 (decimal) dilutions

     ‘C’ Potency = Substance is diluted at a 1/100 (centesimal dilutions)

     ‘M’ Potency = Substance is diluted at a 1/1000

Example 1: 12X potency = diluted 1 in 10 twelve times, or a dilution of 10-12 with succussion (shaking) at every stage.

Example 2: 30C potency = diluted 1 in 100 thirty times, with succussion (shaking at very stage.

Storage of Remedies

1) Away from temperature extremes

2) Away from direct sunlight,

3)Away from strong chemical odors,

4) Away from strong electromagnetic influences (inside  the microwave, on top of the television set, etc).

5)Storing them in an organized fashion so they can be  easily found and kept clean.

Mode of Administration of Remedies:-

Dispense remedy into cap of vial, and then to one of the methods below.

Direct Dosing: The easiest way to administer remedies to an animal if they will take things from your hand. Animals who have never had remedies before may refuse them at first, but once they realize what they are, will willingly take them in the future.

In Food: Give one dose in meals or treats at recommended intervals.

     Water Potency: Best used when an animal needs a remedy and you can’t be there to administer it at recommended intervals, or if they are unconscious, or unwilling to take pellets from your hand.

      For use with lower to medium potencies only, and for limited time.

      Put one dose (2-3 pellets) into their water bowl and fill with clean water.

      Note: Give a second water bowl so that they may choose to take the remedy or not. They will dose themselves.

      Rinse a clean glass bowl in very hot water for 2-3 minutes. Let cool. Put 1/2 teaspoon of milk or distilled water in the bowl, and then add a few pellets of the remedy. Swirl gently for 1 minute, and let your pet lap it up, or give with a clean spoon or syringe directly in mouth or on nostrils.

      Refrigerate unused remedy with a lid, stirring briskly before next dosage is extracted with syringe.

      Label syringe with Remedy name and potency. Do not use for any other remedy.

      Note: Unconscious animals can NOT swallow!

Avoid choking by only placing 1 or 2 drops of the remedy in their mouth between lip and gums.

Mode of administration of medicine may be in globules form, or in liquid form, put 4 to 5 globules  of 30 no. size or 4 to 5 drops in 3 to 5 ml water, draw this medicated water with syringe or Sprayer and put directly on tongue or on nostrils or on mucous membrane of Vagina of pet.

Biochemic remedy  is always given in Luke warm water or fresh water. Dissolve 8 to 10 tablet in 5 to 10 ml luke worm  or fresh water and draw this medicated water with syringe and put directly in Mouth.

      Olfactory, inhalation, through the skin

  • Into the Water or the Feed


Dosing of Remedies

        Acute Care: Dose every 20 minutes to 1 hour for 3-4 hours. Decrease frequency as symptoms improve.

     If no improvement is seen, you may have the wrong remedy –

     Check your symptom picture again to choose another remedy.

      If improvement is seen but fails to hold, go to 200C.

      Never leave a remedy that’s working!

      Dosing: Medium and Low Potencies (6C, 12C, 30C, 200C) 2-3 pills per dose is all that’s needed. The more severe the symptoms, the more frequent the dose is given in Acute Care First Aid Ailments.

    The higher the potency, the less frequently you give the remedy. Always adjust remedy frequency up or down according to the symptoms.

    Base Frequency of Doses According to Symptom Severity

Homeopathy heals holistically!

  •       Homeopathic medicines stimulates the body’s inner strength and boost the immune system to work well i.e. to reduce the disease load and to improve the overall health.

  •       The constitutional or individualized homeopathy is known to reduce to tendency to catch respiratory illnesses.

  •       The prescription is dependent upon symptoms, signs, tendencies, history and causation.

  •       The treatment can be curative, palliative or supportive depending upon state and staging of disease.

  •        In every stage homeopathy has a definitive role to play.

 Homeopathic medicines can be taken safely along with other /conventional medications (ADD-ON Therapy).

Optimum use of Homeopathic Remedies:-

Homeopathy effects cure in case of "Acute ailments" like cold, cough, fever, sore throat etc. ( eg: Belladona, Ferrum Phos ) Works wonders in "Chronic cases" , wherein it brings about complete cure in patients by eradicating the root cause of the ailments, when the right Simillimum remedy is chosen" .
 Homeopathy can act as " Prophylactic", ie homeopathic remedies can be used to prevent diseases.  e.g. Borax 200 in FMD. Homeopathic remedies can be of great value in reducing the need for surgery in certain circumstances and at other times remedy proves  invaluable in helping the wound heal fast after the surgery is completed. Remedies: Arnica, Staphisgeria, Hypericum and Complimentary medicines
We can go on and on illustrating the wonders that Homepathy and complimentary medicines can do when the right simillimum and the potency is used

Arnica                                   Pain killer
Aurum Iodum                        Promotes follicular growth
Agnus castus                       Helps in expressing oestrous
Borax                                    To prevent ulcers in the mouth
Aur Mur Nat Nat                   Fibrolytic agent
Bryonia                                  Acts on muscular tissue
Cal Carb                               Constitutional drug, promotes milk yield

Cal Phos                               Constitutional drug, helps in bone calcification
Carboveg                              Constitutional drug
Caulophyllum                        Dilates ripened cervix
Cina                                       Dewormer
Colchicum                             Eructates gas  
Colocynthis                            Reduces pain in stomach, abdomen.
Echinacea                             Blood purifier, immune modulator
Euphrasia                              Used in conjunctivitis

Ferrum Met                          Helps haemoglobin formation
Ferrum Phos                        Helps haemoglobin formation
Gun Powder                         Used in septic suppuration
Hamamelis                           To prevent bleeding
Hypericum                            Prevents pain at nerve end injury
Ignatia                                   Reduces excitability
Iodum                                    Specifically used in after effects of FMD
Ipecac                                   Used along with Arnica 6 in haemogalectia

Natrum sulph                        Used in oedema and cystic ovaries
Nux vomica                          Appetizer, used in downer cow
Opium                                   Prepartum prolapse
Podophyllum                        Used in eversion of uterus
Pulsatilla                               Helps in correcting oestrus in heifers
Pyrogenium                          Used in suppuration
Raphanus                             Promotes ruminal movements
Rhus tox                                Relieves joint pains
Ruta                                       Reduces inflammatory oedema

Sabal serrulata                     Specific for hydrosalphinx
Sabina                                   Action on uterine mucosa
Sepia                                     Uterine infection, utero ovarian relation
Selenium                                Action on muscles
Silicia                                     Chronic mastitis, corrects nutrition
Secale cornutum                   Helps uterine contraction (use along with caulophyllum)
Sulphur                                   Constitutional drug, skin infection, chronic mastitis

Symphytum                             Helps in bone union
Thiosinaminum                       Fibrolytic agent (see Aur mur nat nat)
Thyroidinum                            To induce heat, can reduce milk yield in normal animals  
Viburnum op                            Reduces irritation to the uterus.



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