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       Dog owner should have adequate knowledge on the nutritional requirements of dogs. Meat is the most important component of dogs' diet. Red meat containing muscle alone should not be considered as a complete food as it fails to provide enough of calcium leading to bone diseases in young dogs. Muscle meat is an excellent source of good quality protein, appreciable quantity of fat and B- Vitamins but deficient in Vitamin -A and calcium.
Vitamins are needed to run the vital functions of the body. They act as co-enzyme in different metabolic processes. Vitamin supplementation may not be needed if the vitamins are available  in the natural diet. Dog requires all water soluble and fat soluble  vitamins like human beings except vitamin C. Muscle meat, liver, kidney and cereals contain vitamin. But cooking for an excessive period may destroy the vitamins.
Minerals are required to preserve structural, functional, metabolic and osmotic equilibrium in various activities during growth and reproduction. It is not always feasible to determine the signs of a particular mineral deficiency or imbalance as allied clinical signs may be noticed in several mineral deficiency signs. For this reason, it would be practical approach to prescribe a diet known to contain a proper balance of minerals.

Maintenance allowance prescribes the amount of food required to maintain a mature, resting dog at a definite body weight. Food should not be provided in excess so that a dog become obese. Weighing the dog at monthly or fortnightly interval is necessary to monitor the actual requirement of foods. This will also help in determining the health status of the dog. The nutritional requirements of different dogs with identical body weight may vary to run their physiological needs. Following is a chart to have an overall idea about the daily requirements in dogs.
Weight of dog Daily requirements of foods (total) Cereals Meat Milk
2.5 Kg 250 gm 100 gms 50 gms 125 ml
5.0 Kg 450 gm 200 gms 100 gms 200 ml
10.0 Kg 650 gm 300 gms 200 gms 250 ml
15.0 Kg 900 gm 400 gms 300 gms 300 ml
20.0 Kg 1 Kg 100 gm 500 gms 400 gms 350 ml
30.0 Kg 1 Kg 550 gm 600 gms 500 gms 400 ml

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