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The need of nutrition may vary in different diseases in dogs. The appetite of dogs vary in different disease conditions. In order to maintain the feeding records, a diet chart may be made for sick animals. This is very important in a dog clinic or in a kennel where large number of dogs are kept. It may not always be possible  to determine  the exact status of health to compute the ration that will be required for a dog. For this purpose, records of dog's daily appetite and bowel elemination may indicate the state of health.

In a hospital or kennel this chart may be recorded daily to understand the deviation of an individual dog. The chart should be as follows:

Daily appetite Daily bowel elimination
Nil, poor, moderate, Normal, depraved. Nil, once, twice, frequent

The  intake of water should also be recorded. The type of the disease must be taken into account while preparing a diet chart.

As for instance, in a case of diarrhoea, a soft bland diet is advisable.

Restriction of diet or use of low calorie food is required in case of obesity (fatty) of dog.

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